Tomato Plant Halos

Sent like an angel to help tomato, pepper and growbag plant growers all over the country, the 29cm diameter Plant Halos encourage two sets of roots to develop - and that often means double the yield of fruit from your plants More »

Keira Watering Cans

These best selling watering cans, made from 100% recycled polypropylene are easy to pour thanks to the clever ergonomic design and come in an attractive apple green colour More »

Harrod Raised Bed Planting Grid

The Harrod Raised Bed Planting Grid helps you adopt the square foot gardening system, a sure way to increase crop yields from your raised bed vegetable garden More »

Sophie Conran Ombre Planters

The Sophie Conran Ombre Planters, in beautiful sea green finish, are a set of 5 graduated enamel pots which will make a striking display in your home More »

Tweed dig The Glove Gloves

Designed for the astute male gardener the New Dig the Glove garden gloves brings together style and function with high performance, available in 2 sizes More »

Sneeboer Narrow Long Handled Rake

The practical Sneeboer Narrow Long Handled Rake has a multitude of uses in the garden and the narrow rake head (10cm wide with 8cm deep tines), in tandem with the long handle (174cm overall), allows for accurate work from a distance More »


Category Archives: Barriers and Sprays

Organic Fast Acting Weedkiller 750ml


Organic Fast Acting Weedkiller With The Power Of Nature It Is Now Possible To Have Targeted Weed Control Using A Substance Which Also Naturally Occurs In Nature. organic Fast Acting Weedkiller Contains An Active Substance, Pelargonic Acid, Which Also Occurs

Sb Plant Invigorator


Sb Plant Invigorator Is For The Control Of A Wide Range Of Pest Species Including, Whitefly, Aphid, Spider Mite And Mealybug. It Also Controls Powdery Mildew And Is A Plant Stimulant.biodegradable, Non-toxic And Environmentally Friendly This Effective Pesticide Is Ideal

Insect Killer Spray


A Highly Effective Insect Killer Spray Made From Natures Own Quick Acting Insecticide Pyrethrum, This Spray Will Tackle Raspberry Beetle, Flea Beetle And Now At Last The Red Lily Beetle – All Organically Of Course! use The Insect Killer Spray

Winter Tree Wash (450 Ml)


His Natural Winter Tree Wash Is Ideal For Use In An Organic Garden And By Following The Prevention Is Better Than Cure Motto, Your Fruit Trees And Bushes Will See The Benefits Come Growing Season!based On Natural Plant Oils, The

Horse Chestnut Leaf Miner Trap


The Horse Chestnut Leaf Miner Trap Helps Preserve That Bastion Of The English Countryside, The Horse Chestnut Tree, From Leaf Miners Which Burrow Into The Trees Leaves And Cause Untold Damage – Including A Reduction In Conker Size. the Horse

Garden Chafer Trap


The More Garden Chafer Beetles You Catch In Our Specially Designed Garden Chafer Trap In May Means Less Lawn-wrecking Grubs Devouring The Roots Of Your Well-kept Grass In August And September – So It Makes Perfect Sense To Invest In

Raspberry Beetle Trap

Use This Innovative Raspberry Beetle Trap, Which Doubles As A Monitoring Kit, To Detect The Early Signs Of Raspberry Beetle By Placing It 1m Above Ground, 4-6 Weeks Before First Flower During April To July. The Raspberry Beetle Trap Helps

Empty 1 Litre Spray Bottle


Empty 1 Litre Spray Bottle

Sticky Pest Traps (pack Of 10)


The Bright Yellow Colour Of The 10cm X 20cm Card Sticky Pest Traps Reflects Light At A Wavelength Particularly Attractive To Whitefly (a Common Pest Of Tomatoes And Fuschias), But Will Also Create A Last Landing Place For Aphids, Various

Insect Barrier Glue 200g


The Glue Or Grease Is Brushed On In 10cm Wide Bands Around 18cm Above Ground Level And Is Applied In The Autumn And Can Be Renewed In February. The Grease Needs To Be Well Worked Into Any Cracks Or Crevices

Codling Moth Trap


Codling Moth Traps Can Be Used Earlier In The Year (from May Onwards) To Catch And Monitor Male Codling Moths. This Helps Warn Of Caterpillar Attack Later In The Year And Reduces The Amount Of Fertilised Females, Leading To Fewer

Box Blight Fungus Fighter


Box Blight Fungus Fighter Is A Systemic Fungicide To Give Long Lasting Control Of Up To 3 Weeks. It Controls Box Blight, White Rust, Blackspot, Mildew, Rust And Leaf Spot On Roses And Other Ornamental Plantscontrols All Major Leaf Diseases

Fatty Acid Natural Bug Control


Fatty Acid Natural Bug Control Is Made From Naturally Occurring Active Ingredients Making It Ideal For Natural Gardening And Is Certified For Organic Use By Organic Farmers Growers Limited.can Be Used Right Up To Harvest Meaning It Is Safe For